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A sneak peek at WICKED ... and something else...

It's that time again! Yes, it's time to make plans for an AIS Annual Sensation!
The Central Ohio Winter Wickedness Convention – WICKED is coming! We have been taking in all the suggestions from COPE, learned a huge amount - and now have plans for all kinds of new fun! Clear your calendars for Feb 3 & 4, 2017 - and we suggest a day or two after, 'cause you are probably gonna need some recovery time!

You might have heard rumors about it, perhaps your friends have told you about it, or you definitely have fond memories from the last weekend AIS Event - so make sure you are ready! Ticket Sales open to the national kink public on Nov 4, 2016 and close on Jan 29, 2017. You don't want to miss your chance!

It's gonna be fantastic! This one is a full hotel takeover event. What does that mean for you? The entire event is a kink mecca... For the most part, you can wear whatever you want wherever you want!(1)* 95% of the hotel is chocolate! Haven't been to an AIS COPE or Wicked? Well - Chocolate refers to dress and behavior. In a chocolate space, it is all kinky space!

Still not sure? Well... Just think about it for a moment. It's a 2 day educational, play, and experiential event here in Columbus, Ohio. That means a full day of classes - with all kinds of class tracks - Rope Bondage, SM Skills, Sexuality, Relationships, Power Exchange, Roleplay and a misc track!

Then 2 full nights of play parties in over 10,000 sq feet of playspaces; there is a Main playspace, with specially crafted AIS Scene music - with a driving beat. A day playroom, where you can play the day away. A Warm & Wet room for all you fireplayers. And an entire space dedicated to people who love to play with rope! All filled with different types of music, and amazing AIS Kink Labs Furniture.

Plus... There always is scrumptious food, a comfy aftercare area, friendly community, and much more.

NOW... We know that some people just don't want to wait! Perhaps you don't want to stay up til almost midnight on that Friday? Could be that you want to assure your placement in the event hall? It might just be that you don't want to hit the "Buy ticket button" more than once? Well. We have something just for you. It's the WICKED Golden Ticket. While it's a bit more than a regular event registration, it's so worth it! What is it? A WICKED Golden Ticket includes your event admission and assures your hotel placement(2)** into the event hallway in the dark chocolate section. It's your key to the closest rooms in the event and they are ON SALE NOW!

We're looking forward to hosting you,
Barak, Sheba and the AIS Staff

*(1) All kink space except for designated vanilla areas in the areas where hotel employees will be.
**(2) - The Golden ticket assures your placement in the hotel. It doesn't pay for your hotel nights

Adventures in Sexuality